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Join us in Detroit on June 5th - 6th, 2024
The 2024 edition of Intelligent Cities is hosted in partnership with the City of Detroit.
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Our last Intelligent Cities edition witnessed a global participation from over 150 + attendees and 60 speakers from cities across North America and major metropolitan cities around the globe.

What People Enjoy Most

“…thanks for hosting a great event. It was good to connect with Health & IT Professionals from different sectors. Location was good, food was great, presentations were amazing and your team was wonderful. So thank you for that! Now I am back in the office and hoping to share the learnings from the event with our team so we can keep the momentum going.”

Amit Joshi
IT Manager
AdvantAge Ontario: Advancing Senior Care

This event has really timely given the announcement of the federal smart city challenge and all the municipalities across Canada have started thinking about Intelligent cities, Smart cities and Future cities. This summit seemed like a good one as it brought all of the players to one place where we can meet and talk about the future of cities. We met tons of great people and it was a good agenda too.

Justin Trevan
Digital Leader
Arup Canada

We decided to join the summit because of the delegates attending the conference. We were really impressed by the quality of people and the interactions that we were able to have with them. We will be attending the summit next year for sure.

Alexander Gauthier
VP of Marketing

We really see this conference has been the type of place where our industry needs to be, to understand where the cities are trying to get to and the technologies that they are considering using. We really have gotten a great deal out of this event. This has really been a worthwhile time for our company.

Gibran J. Hadj-Chikh
Director of Innovation Transport

Fantastic audience participation and one of the better secessions I have seen this year in terms of audience interaction. The event has been absolutely fantastic.

Tracy Fleming
Senior Technologist
Office of the CTO, Avaya

This has been a fabulous and a very high quality event for us. A lot of really excellent decision makers have been here and we have had some excellent and very productive conversations. This has been a very worthwhile summit for us and we would recommend it to anyone who is looking to come.

Leah Hanvey
Business Development Manager

I found this conference a really excellent opportunity to hear from thought leaders and practitioners across the country, in how that are contemplating the future of digital and our communities.

Sandra Singh
Chief Librarian
Vancouver Public Library

Great event in Toronto, bringing together leaders from all over Canada, both business leaders and city leaders, probably the most city leaders I have ever seen at a conference like this, to really talk about intelligent cities, what they are and what the future of them will be. The ultimate goal and the impact of this summit is better learning between cities and business on the future - how we can may not future proof cities but be future ready.

David Graham
Deputy COO
City of San Diego

Great opportunity to see who is working with who in the smart city market place and to understand just the general direction where cities are headed. Really appreciate the opportunity to come here and network with colleagues and also learn more about what’s happening right across the country.

Jesse Adcock
City of Vancouver

I got to listen to great content from great leadership about Smart Cities and Big Data transformation. Heard about various cities’ approach in utilising data to insure we are making citizen experience and the life of citizens much more user centric and user friendly. Thank you very much, I look forward to seeing you in future years.

Lawrence Eta
Deputy Chief Officer

Interesting to listen to global cities and smaller cities speaking about their experience and opportunities in the intelligent city space and also the work private sector is doing in this vertical. All in all, its been a great conference and I am looking forward to next year.

Gary Kent
Commissioner and CFO
City of Mississauga

“I wanted to take a moment and sincerely thank IoT Events and their amazing team for converting this years Intelligent Public Sector Showcase into a business model to support virtual conferences in the COVID environment. Trying to maintain any sense of continuity and comfort through such upheaval is difficult. However your team excelled and provided competent world class informative summits that ensured this Showcase addressed public sector needs and circumstances. This event is yet another in the growing line of successful virtual conferences that are essential to the sustainability of the public sector.”

Monique Belair
Deputy Fire Chief
Oakville Fire Department

“I was fortunate to have been involved with the 2021 IoT as a panel speaker, and attendee. I appreciated the nature of the rapid fire high level sessions / discussions and the ability to connect virtually for questions and comments throughout. As a panelist, it was a pleasure to be connected with professionals from around the globe and hear diverse perspectives as related to common issues in Emergency Services.”

Tyler Pelke
Deputy Chief of Emergency Services
The City of Red Deer

“I found the sessions relevant and up to date regarding the challenges in developing smart cities and the opportunities and benefits their realisation will bring. I particularly enjoyed the panel sessions and gained a lot from the discussions. It was worthwhile attending and I am looking forward to registering for future events.”

Garry Scobie
Deputy CISO
The University of Edinburgh

“ It was an honour to speak at the IoT, Big Data Intelligent Cities Summit. The event was excellent, the speakers were terrific and the networking program was extremely beneficial. The Summit is a must attend event for anyone hoping to gain insights into how technology can benefit your organization. For those wanting to lead through the technology revolution, the Summit is an opportunity to discover new technologies, connect with experts in the field and chart a course for the future. Looking forward to seeing you at next year’s event.”

Rob Adams
Chief Administrative Office
Town of Stouffville

“I appreciated the opportunity to join from Victoria, Australia the Intelligent Public Sector Showcase event as a panellist for IoT events with likeminded thought leaders from around the world sharing experiences and challenges. The panel conversation was a great opportunity to share innovative, collaborative and transformational thinking with esteemed colleagues. It was also a great opportunity to attend sessions by keynote speakers and panellists on many areas of interest in public safety emergency communications and other topics relevant to the digital transformation journey upon which we are embarking at the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority in Victoria, Australia. A truly inspirational conference – thank you.”

Marty Smyth
Chief Executive Officer
Emergency Services Telecommunication Authority

“I was honored to be part of the IOT People First Summit. In addition to the opportunity to share and influence some of the great work that is being done in the HR field, being a speaker helped me to expand my networks in a meaningful way. Excellent public service is so important, and different levels of government working together improves the lives of the citizens that we serve.”

Patrick Faulkner
Chief Human Resources Officer
Western Economic Diversification Canada

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