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Intelligent CITIES USA:
Newest edition
Welcome to Intelligent Cities USA! Our goal is to make public spaces in cities better for everyone. We bring people together—decision-makers, thought leaders, and technology providers—to create positive changes in urban areas. 

We talk about smart infrastructure, data analytics, IoT, and AI-driven solutions. Using technology wisely can improve city life for all, making sure everyone can access and benefit from it. Our experts also address challenges like pollution and waste management through data-driven insights.

Join our network, share your ideas, and be part of the transformation journey. Together, we can create Intelligent Cities that meet the needs of their residents while embracing innovation.

Date: June 5-6th, 2024
Location: Cartier Theatre, Marriott Detroit at the Renaissance

The Intelligent Cities Summit

The Intelligent Cities Summit

• What makes a city truly intelligent?
• How has the concept of liveability changed?
• How can cities achieve a balance between citizen services and citizens' data privacy concerns?
• Has work from home redefined the concept of cities?
• What does the future hold for us?

Find answers and perspectives on all these questions, and more at the Intelligent Cities Summit, the only event of its kind which brings together leaders from cities across the globe-both big and small. Through thought-provoking keynote presentations, panel discussions and case studies, the summit is a one-stop destination for finding answers to all the aspects related to building better cities across the world

Who You'll Meet

70.5 %
are public sector, municipal, non-profit, and government.
are Managers, Directors and above.
9 in 10
had very good or excellent value from the event.
would recommend the event to a colleague.

Our last Intelligent Cities edition witnessed a global participation from over 150 + attendees and 60 speakers from cities across North America and major metropolitan cities around the globe.

Join us next year for more great discussions

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