Kentorri Garmon

Director of Performance and Innovation Delivery
Department of Public Works - City of Atlanta

Kentorri Cortez Garmon is Director of Performance and Innovation Delivery for the  Department of Public Works in the City of Atlanta. He manages the department’s Data  Analytics, Quality Control, and Command Center Teams respectively while leading collaborative  efforts with IT partners to drive efficiencies and technology advancement for improved services to the City of Atlanta customers.  

Mr. Garmon is a 20-year professional having spent 17 years in the private sector before joining  the City of Atlanta in 2020. Mr. Garmon held various roles in engineering, logistics, and project  management during his 9 year tenure at AT&T, and operated in IT Solutioning and Business  Analytics during his 8 year tenure at Koch Industries. Mr. Garmon also successfully taught  business and managerial development courses at several institutions of higher learning as an  adjunct instructor for over 10 years.  

Mr. Garmon received his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Economic from Mississippi State  University and his Master of Science degree in Geography from Mississippi State University. Mr.  Garmon also holds an M.B.A from Delta State University. Mr. Garmon’s personal interests  include reading, exercising, and traveling with his loving wife April.

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