Jenny Alfandary

President and CEO | Board Director | Professor

Jenny has the courage, passion and determination to drive success within a business turning previous liabilities into productive assets. She has successfully shifted the trajectory of entire industries. Jenny is comfortable with the balance that is required to continue to operate and manage a business while constantly striving to improve key business outcomes of increased profit, decreased risk and constant elevation of the customer experience.

As a President and CEO, coupled with the experience as a disciplined engineer, Jenny possesses the characteristics of a visionary leader who is comfortable seeking out and taking the road less traveled. She can envision and realize opportunities and solutions for a business that few others can. She is fiercely driven by business success and lives and breathes progressive excellence in herself and motivates and inspires the same in her organizations. Most recently, Jenny has been called on to provide guidance and input into shaping public policy and regulation based on her diverse and successful experiences.

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