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Opening Remarks: Hifazat ‘Faz’ Ahmad, President, Intelligent Cities Summit

8:55 am
June 5, 2024

Moderated by:


Hifazat "Faz" Ahmad
Hifazat "Faz" Ahmad
Intelligent Cities Summit

Session Summary

Join us for the inaugural session of Intelligent Cities Canada, where Hifazat ‘Faz’ Ahmad, the visionary President of the Intelligent Cities Summit, will set the stage for an inspiring and transformative event. Faz Ahmad brings a wealth of expertise in urban development and technological innovation, making him a driving force in the creation of smarter and more inclusive cities.

In his opening remarks, Faz Ahmad will eloquently highlight the core mission of the summit—to enhance urban living through intelligent technologies and collaborative efforts. With a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing modern cities, he will emphasize the importance of uniting decision-makers, thought leaders, and technology providers. Faz will delve into the summit's key themes, including smart infrastructure, data analytics, IoT, and AI-driven solutions, underscoring how these innovations can address critical urban issues, from accessibility to pollution management.

Be prepared to be inspired by Faz Ahmad's insights as he welcomes you to a journey of knowledge-sharing and innovation. His remarks will ignite the passion and creativity of attendees, fostering an environment of collective growth and progress towards the creation of truly Intelligent Cities.

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