Zoran Postic

Deputy City Manager
City of Vaughan

Zoran Postic is a dedicated municipal service professional with over 25 years of experience in  local and regional agencies and multinational consulting firms. He joined the City of Vaughan in  2014 as the director of Transportation Services, Parks and Forestry Operations, overseeing a  team of 250 public works professionals. In 2019, he was promoted to Deputy City Manager of  Public Works, where he continues to inspire high-performance, efficiency, and citizen-centricity. 

During his tenure at the City, Mr. Postic has spearheaded several award-winning initiatives.  Notably, he established a groundbreaking long-term performance-based contract for winter road  maintenance, receiving recognition from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and the  Ontario Public Works Association. He also initiated the Vaughan Inventors program, engaging  front-line staff to drive process improvements. This program garnered accolades from the  Ontario Good Roads Association and the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators. 

Mr. Postic's commitment extends beyond his role at the City of Vaughan. He actively contributes  to the public works community, serving as a program director for the OGRA Municipal Traffic  Operations course and participating in various professional organizations. His educational  background includes a master's in business administration from Queen's University, a master's  certificate in municipal management from York University, and a graduate diploma in  transportation engineering from Mohawk College. Additionally, he volunteers his time to support  community groups like Big Brothers Big Sisters of York.

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