Roomer Tarajev

Smart City Manager
City of Tartu, Estonia

As Tartu Smart City and Investment Manager, Roomer is the connection point of Tartu, entrepreneurship and the world.
He creates and implements the investment strategy and helps companies to grow in Tartu Smart City as he is introducing Tartu Smart City and local companies and solutions to the world and helps international ideas to land in Tartu.
Tartu - a Capital of Startups in Estonia, has a tight and productive ecosystem of research institutions (brain pool of Estonia with 60% of national research potential), traditional businesses, supportive city government, incubators, clusters, accelerators and an engaged community. Tartu improves transportation and accessibility, also social services, promotes sustainability, and gives its citizens a voice thought different initiatives! Companies value our transparent and open business environment as well as scientific entrepreneurship; people our greenery, milieu and living environment.
Tartu is an empowering community - young and growth mindset, startup community, engaged community, surrounded by peaceful natural environment - an amazing place to visit, collaborate and relocate!

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