Dr. Harith Abdulsattar

Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Transportation and Logistics
McMaster University

Dr. Harith Abdulsattar is a Senior Research Fellow at McMaster Institute of Transportation and Logistics (MITL), McMaster University, and an Assistant Professor at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. He was awarded his Ph.D. in Civil and Construction Engineering from Oregon State University in 2018. He is currently the research manager of the Smart Mobility project of the MobilityCUBE, a McMaster-CUBIC Transportation Systems collaborative project. 

Dr. Abdulsattar’s main research area is in Transportation Engineering with an emphasis on Intelligent Transportation Systems. His research objectives entail exploring the impact of emerging technologies by building complex agent-based simulation platforms built on a solid interdisciplinary foundation. 

His research interests also include emerging mobility systems and network resiliency and interdependency. 

After the devastating Beirut Port explosion, the largest non-nuclear blast in history, Dr. Abdulsattar led several funded projects to respond to this catastrophic event. The projects investigate the driver’s behavior under short-lead emergency evacuation, emergency evacuation in unplanned traffic and communication network disruptions, and decentralized emergency routing in an infrastructure-less communication network. This research incorporated Connected and Automated Vehicles and Cyber-Physical Systems Interaction in Transportation, Multimodal Transportation Systems, and Transportation Network Resiliency.

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