Brian Sweet

Director Global Strategic Alliances

Brian Sweet is a visionary in the realm of technology and strategic partnerships, serving as Director Global Strategic Alliances at Convergint, a leading privately held systems integrator with an impressive annual revenue exceeding $2B globally. With a relentless passion for fostering collaborations that propel organizations to new heights, Brian is at the forefront of revolutionizing how businesses thrive in the digital age and 4th industrial revolution.

At Convergint, Brian leads the charge in establishing rich partnerships with organizations that possess the potential to profoundly augment collective success. Through the art of strategic alliances, he masterfully orchestrates the convergence of two or more entities, forging synergies that enable them to achieve common objectives with unprecedented efficiency. This strategic vision empowers Brian and his partners to craft innovative solutions that elevate the experience of their clients and expands their business.

As a true thought leader in the technology landscape, Brian possesses a unique ability to breathe life into industry insights and benchmarks. He accomplishes this through powerful mediums of storytelling, transcending the boundaries of traditional discourse. He’s engaging, educational, informative, humorous and ensures complex concepts are easily digestible for both experts and newcomers. He approaches his work with a vantage point that advocates for the advancement of the industry, recognizing that collective progress is the key to a thriving future.

Join Brian on an enlightening journey into the world of technology that intersects with strategic alliances…where innovation, collaboration, and a bit of humor, converge to shape the future of our digital landscape.

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