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Panel: Intelligent Cities Roadmap

11:00 am
October 24, 2023

Moderated by:

Genesis D. Gavino
Chief of Staff
City of Dallas


Sumon Acharjee
Sumon Acharjee
Chief Information Officer
City of Markham
Alfred Wiggins Jr
Alfred Wiggins Jr
Commissioner, Department of Public Works
City of Atlanta
Marco Palermo
Marco Palermo
Director, Digital Govt and Modernization
City of Toronto
Zoran Postic
Zoran Postic
Deputy City Manager
City of Vaughan

Session Summary

Embark on a visionary journey with our expert panel as they delve into the intricacies of crafting an "Intelligent Cities Roadmap." This illuminating session will navigate the essential components of roadmap creation, milestones, and the integration of groundbreaking technologies in the public sector, all while exploring the fascinating intersection of AI and the metaverse.

Creating Roadmaps – What, How, When?

Gain unparalleled insights into the art and science of creating intelligent cities roadmaps. Our panelists will demystify the process, discussing the core elements of roadmap formulation, including identifying key goals, strategies, and actionable steps. Delve into the collaborative process of roadmap development, encompassing the perspectives of city planners, tech innovators, and community stakeholders. Learn about the importance of timing and adaptability in roadmap execution, ensuring cities evolve seamlessly in response to changing needs and advancements.

Understanding Milestones:

Explore the significance of milestones in the intelligent cities journey. Our panel will unravel the role of milestones as markers of progress, enabling cities to track their advancement and make informed decisions. Discover how well-defined milestones foster transparency and accountability, serving as touchpoints for citizens, policymakers, and technology providers to align their efforts toward shared objectives.

Innovating Technologies in the Public Sector:

Dive into the realm of innovation within the public sector and uncover the transformative power of technology. Explore real-world case studies that demonstrate how innovative technologies are enhancing public services, optimizing resource allocation, and improving overall governance. From digital citizen services to data-driven policy-making, our panelists will showcase how technology-driven solutions are reshaping the way cities operate, fostering efficiency, accessibility, and citizen-centricity.

AI and Metaverse:

Journey into the future of urban experiences as we explore the exciting convergence of AI and the metaverse. Our panel will discuss the potential of AI-driven virtual worlds to enhance city planning, engagement, and collaboration. Gain insights into how metaverse technologies can facilitate virtual urban simulations, enabling stakeholders to visualize and experiment with different scenarios before implementation.

Engage with our panelists as they illuminate the path to intelligent city transformation, weaving together strategic roadmaps, technological innovation, and visionary foresight. This session promises to be a captivating exploration of the intricate tapestry that shapes the cities of tomorrow.

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