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Panel: Input-Driven Living

1:45 pm
October 24, 2023

Moderated by:

Heather McGeer
Research and Policy Analyst


Jenny Alfandary
Jenny Alfandary
President and CEO | Board Director | Professor
Patrick McCormick
Patrick McCormick
Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Department
City of Cambridge, Massachusetts, US
Nabeel Ahmed
Nabeel Ahmed
Management Consultant
City of Toronto
Teppo Rantanen
Teppo Rantanen
Executive Director, Growth, Innovation, and Competitiveness
City of Tampere

Session Summary

Embark on a captivating journey into the realm of "Input-Driven Living" as our panel of experts explores the fascinating interplay between artificial intelligence, urban behaviors, and adaptive systems. Join us to delve into the transformative potential of AI in understanding residents' behaviors, creating intelligent traffic systems, fostering adaptive urban environments, and unraveling the complex challenges posed by policies, mindsets, and technology.

AI Learning Residents' Behaviors and Adapting:

Discover how AI is revolutionizing urban living by comprehensively learning and adapting to residents' behaviors. Engage with our panelists as they delve into the intricacies of data-driven insights, sensor technologies, and machine learning algorithms that enable cities to tailor services, amenities, and resources to the unique needs of their inhabitants.

Intelligent Traffic System:

Unveil the future of transportation as our experts explore the realm of intelligent traffic systems. From predictive traffic flow algorithms to smart traffic signal synchronization, gain insights into how AI is optimizing urban mobility, reducing congestion, and enhancing overall transportation efficiency. Witness firsthand how these innovations are revolutionizing the way we move within cities.

Intelligent Adaptation:

Delve into the concept of intelligent adaptation in urban environments. Explore how AI-driven systems continuously monitor and respond to changing conditions, from weather patterns to energy consumption. Our panel will showcase how these technologies enable cities to proactively adjust and optimize resource allocation, infrastructure management, and public services, ensuring resilience and sustainability.

What's the Hurdle? Policy, Mindset, or Tech?

Engage in a candid conversation about the challenges that stand in the way of realizing fully input-driven living in cities. From policy and regulatory hurdles to shifting mindsets and the pace of technological adoption, our panelists will dissect the complex interplay between these factors. Gain insights into the strategies and collaborations needed to overcome these challenges and pave the way for a future where AI-driven adaptation enhances the urban experience.

Join us as we navigate the cutting edge of input-driven living, exploring how AI, data, and technology are harmonizing with the dynamic tapestry of urban life. This session promises to be an eye-opening exploration of the future of cities where intelligence meets adaptability, creating environments that truly respond to the needs and behaviors of their residents.

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